Top 10 Real Estate Websites in Pakistan

10 to 12 years ago, buying and selling a property was more complicated. Visiting various office locations, Real Estate Agents and Brokers take many days and weeks. The majority time, they must get out of the station and distant cities. This means that their expenses typically exceed profits. But most of the time, it didn’t even work out. The Property Sector of Pakistan revolutionised thanks to the advent of real estate websites.

The Internet provides platforms that offer those working in absolute Estate. You can now connect to real estate agents on Real Estate Websites from your home without paying any money. Furthermore, with Geospatial Technology, you can virtually visit the website of your prospective Property.

Diverse Real Estate Websites or the best Property Portals are working in Pakistan. Today, we’ve listed the top 10 Real Estate websites of  Pakistan. Let’s take a look at their ranking and the briefs.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites of Pakistan is a pioneer in the field of advanced property precincts. It expanded the property market in Pakistan. was a household name in the early decade of 2010. It became Pakistan’s leading real estate company in the past five years, with over 4.7 million monthly users.

In the present age of digital technology, the company is offering one of the most effective models for business growth. In terms of the website itself, it offers an easy-to-read  and informative interface. The significant areas covers are finding commercial plots, home rental properties and wanted Properties, agents and projects. was founded in 2015. With an original logo, It has changed the appearance of the real EstateEstate. It has succeeded in bringing awareness to this critical but under-appreciated sector. Thanks to the rise of, drivers or engineers have started becoming interested in Property and related areas.

With 15 years of working in the same industry in the UK, the company’s owner returned to Pakistan with a vision of creating transparency and ease of use for the public. has several subsidiaries, such as Agency21, Brando and Imarat Group.

Fitrus Real Estate Agency

Fitrus is among Pakistan’s Top 10 Real Estate Websites. It provides a variety of support and offices for its clients. They work with well-known builders. Because of their partnership and the extraordinary performance in their previous projects, they are completing forests town Islamabad and Capital Smart City, an excellent venture by Fitrus Agency. They separate themselves from the competition by transforming traditional strategic plans into cutting-edge procedures. 

This helps them to pursue changing bearings and demands for information. They want to modernise the business of land. Furthermore, it offers a Forum Section where lay man is thoroughly educated about investing. Blogs and News is another fascinating section. In addition, the growing trend of exhibitions and property shows was presented by fitrus real estate.

Our team of experts at  fitrus can assist you in selling or buying Real Estate property with convenience and ease. is Pakistan’s leading digital property site. With a large population of property owners, it also has an online marketing tool with a multilingual option and a high level of trust for investors from overseas.

Modern Map Integration was used for user feasibility. It includes the following sections: Purchase Rent, Projects Agents, Developers, Agents Blog and News. is an emerging real estate website, or in other words, a property portal. It has genuine listings of properties. The website layout includes rental and sale categories. is the relatively newest Real Estate website and Investment Portal. It was launched with a new slogan, i.e., Mashwara Ammanat hai. In contrast to other websites, envisions offering the most accurate image of Real Estate Projects. Its goal is to provide the most accurate and complete information on community societies.

Although it’s a brand, an entirely new business, and a new venture, they are currently working on projects located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and some cities in Punjab. Their primary focus is selling, buying and creating the potential for real property investment. is another well-known property site. This venture began in 2009 when public awareness of online property portals was lacking. Its sole goal is empowering visitors to make informed, prudent investment decisions.

In addition, has hundreds and thousands of properties available for sale. It is currently the top option for buyers, sellers, tenants, real estate professionals and agents. The goal is to make the market accessible and trustworthy; transparent transactions are a priority. will provide a smooth and easy experience.

Lamudi. Pk

The Lamudi. Pk is among  the Top 10 Real Estate Websites of Pakistan. Lamudi. Pk offers all homes in the area and is a hot property in its property portal. Real estate firm assists clients in numerous ways, such as assisting the process of selling your Property and purchasing or estimating the Property’s value or providing any other professional assistance. Lamudi. Pk also offers a group of highly skilled real estate agents from Pakistan that can assist you with selling or buying properties in Pakistan.

Apkaghar. pk

Apkaghar. Pk was created in the year 2016. Similar to other website sites, it offers a vast number of listings of properties. Additionally, you can submit your Property to this website by hand. Apkaghar. Pk provides the best user experience. Additionally, it is home to top real estate agents too. is a cutting-edge Real Estate website. It’s changing the way companies operate in the new digital age. Additionally, integrated marketing strategies are utilised to create a brand image.

It is also involved in other inventories like Agricultural Industrial and agricultural land warehouses, commercial properties, farms, residential units, offices, and many more. An exact process is followed for transactions in Property.

The End 

Today, we have discussed about top 10 Real Estate websites in Pakistan . As you know, property buyers, sellers, and investors have become vital tools. The real estate market needs to prosper and continue its rapid expansion in Pakistan . As well as to provide individuals with a convenient and efficient platform to search, compare, and connect with properties across Pakistan.