Punjab Government to Launch E-Registration System for Property Registry

Great news here! Do you know  Punjab Govt To Launch E-Registration System? The Punjab Government recently unveiled plans to establish an Electronic registration system for the property registry within South Punjab that will enhance transparency and modernize the real estate businesses.

 It will link electronic stamps, land record management, and NADRA databases to provide efficient service and effectively respond to public complaints regarding corruption and fraud.

About  Punjab Government to Launch E-Registration System

According to reports, on the 27th of April, The South Punjab Additional Chief Secretary, Capt (rtd) Saqib Zafar, issued an order directing the administrative secretaries of that region to implement an electronic system for the registration of property to improve transparency in property transactions within their region.

E-Registration System

In a meeting, an Assistant Controller General instructed all relevant agencies to adopt measures to enhance governance and the delivery of services. 

Implementation Plan

The ACS said implementing this system would end the possibility of tax evasion and loss of documents by streamlining the real estate industry operations, furthermore, creating training for revenue personnel on all possible procedures derived from the Sahiwal Division e-registration pilot project.

Benefits of the E-Registration System

Implementing a system for E-Registration System will provide many advantages, for example:


It will provide an open and transparent process for property registration, reducing the risk of corruption. Additionally, there will be transparency as BOR officials, commissioners, and deputy commissioners (DCs) can regularly access the e-registration system to oversee sub-registrars.


 Its electronic registration process is streamlined to reduce time and money.

Tax Compliance

 The system allows you to ensure tax compliance by ensuring every property transaction is recorded and taxed correctly.

Document Preservation 

E-Registration Systems’ innovative solution to secure property documents from the threat of being lost or stolen, owners will always be able to access their documents.

Limited visits

The residents can also benefit from the system’s flexible design, which means fewer visits to multiple offices. If you are selling or buying property online through e-registration, residents must appear before a sub-registrar to be registered for registration purposes.


 Implementing an Electronic registry system for property registration is crucial for digitizing the real estate industry and increasing efficiency and transparency. In removing corruption and fraud risks, this system can improve the quality of service. In comparison, they are allowing property owners to record their records online and get access to them swiftly and effectively.

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