Forest Town Islamabad Owner

Forest Town Islamabad is owned and developed by two reputable companies: Fitrus Marketing and Malik Shahzaib Enterprises Pvt Ltd., each with stellar reputations in the real estate market and a track record of exceeding customers’ expectations.

Malik Shahzaib Enterprises

Malik Shahzaib Enterprises Pvt Ltd is a renowned land development and acquisition partnership expert.

 They have a long history of purchasing top land parcels, turning them into thriving communities, and following a strict action method that ensures Forest Town Islamabad sits perfectly.

 Their ability to spot the most strategic areas and meticulous approach will ensure that Forest Town Islamabad offers an optimal location and layout.

Development Team 

Forest Town Islamabad’s development team comprises

  • Highly-skilled professionals 
  • Town planners
  • Engineers
  • Architects 
  • Environmental consultants

 working collaboratively to create an environmentally-friendly community in which residents will love living. Their efforts resulted in the seamless integration of landscaping, infrastructure and amenities, ensuring residents a pleasant living experience.

Fitrus Marketing

Fitrus Marketing is well-known for its experience in managing and developing properties.

  •  Their professionals have deep real estate market knowledge and are committed to creating unique projects like Forest Town Islamabad.
  •  Utilising their extensive experience and expertise, Forest Town Islamabad meets all design and construction standards. 
  • They also offer top-quality assignments to their customers.

Last words

Forest Town Islamabad by Two skilled developers who know the importance of constructing an initiative. That accommodates residents’ needs, wants, and preferences and positively impacts Pakistan’s city development landscape. By establishing Forest Town Islamabad, they hope to create an eco-friendly community that improves the quality of life for residents.