Can foreigners buy property in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a place with a lot to offer. It has become a hub for foreign investment because it has a rich culture, a diverse population, and a growing economy. Most want to know how foreigners buy property in Pakistan. This article will study the different rules and laws governing how foreigners can buy property in Pakistan. We will also look into what Fitrus Marketing can do to help people outside Pakistan buy property there.

Can foreigners buy property in Pakistan?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Pakistan. This article covers every foreigner’s steps to buy or rent property in Pakistan.

At the very least, the process is difficult, making it impossible for foreigners to buy real estate in Pakistan. Under the excuse of security worries, the government won’t let foreigners buy and sell property freely in Pakistan. However, our security system has a lot of problems.

Requirements for Investment

The following documents must also be sent to the Department of Home Affairs by foreigners who want to rent or buy property. If you want to buy real estate in Pakistan, you must do these things:

Letter of employment

  • A letter of employment from the company where they already work. Need to talk about things afterward;
  • The essence of their jobs
  • Their period of employment 
  • Business contact info.

Travel document

  • A copy of the travel document. Copy of a valid visa with six photos taken within the last year, passport size


  • They must also show a copy of the landlord’s or real estate agent’s CNIC.

Official copies

  • The property owner must also show official copies of proof of ownership.

Property owner’s name

  • The law also says a contract must be written in the property owner’s name. In case a new occupant occupies the house, he is legally required to obtain a new contract, or there will be strict legal proceedings against the landowner
  • Violating the above protocol to invest in Pakistan property may result in the prosecution of the landlord, the tenant, or both.
  • Due to security concerns, the government hesitates to let foreigners in Pakistan openly buy and sell a property.

Rules for Foreigners to buy property in Pakistan:

The Pakistani government sets rules and laws for foreigners who want to buy property there. These laws aim to protect both the buyer and the seller. 

Foreign Exchange Regulation Act- FERA

According to the Pakistan Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 (FERA), a foreigner can purchase and own immovable property in Pakistan. But for a foreigner to buy property in Pakistan, they have to meet some rules and requirements.

  • Foreigners can only buy property that is used for living or business.
  • They are not allowed to buy farmland or land that could be used for farming. 
  •  Foreigners cannot buy property in Pakistan except through a company registered there.
  •  To purchase property here, foreigners must possess either a valid visa or be citizens of Pakistan.
  •  To purchase property in Pakistan, those from other countries need a Tax Identification Number and bank account (TIN).
  • It’s relatively straightforward for foreign nationals to acquire property here. The initial step is finding an area that suits your requirements perfectly.
  • Once you’ve selected a property, hiring a lawyer for legal paperwork is necessary. They will make the sale deed and inspect the property to guarantee its condition.
  • After all the paperwork, you must pay the seller the agreed-upon amount. The payment can be made in foreign currency or Pakistani rupees if conditions are met.
  •  After that, the seller will give you the title to the property.

Fitrus Marketing’s Role in Buying Property

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Final word

Foreigners can buy property in Pakistan but must meet certain requirements and follow certain rules. Laws and rules about how foreigners can buy property in Pakistan are made to protect both the interests of the buyer and the seller. With the help of Fitrus Marketing, foreigners can easily find suitable properties and take care of all the legal paperwork. If you live outside Pakistan and want to buy property there, please get in touch with us.