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Imagine a place as beautiful as your imagination in which nature and modernity are a perfect blend. A space where you can get away from the city’s bustle and feel at peace in an inclusive community that is like family.

 You are invited to Blue World City, where every breath you take is full of hope to see a brighter day ahead. Here, Pakistan’s soul and soul unite to create endless possibilities. Let your dreams fly here! Relax, close your eyes, and let the wonder in Blue World City. Let’s dive into the blog post to learn more about Blue World City.

Blue World City-High rated housing society 

Blue World City Islamabad is the most highly rated housing society in Islamabad. Built through The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and the famous Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, near Chakri Interchange & Rawalpindi Ring Road.

It is currently an affordable residential expansion in the region and is becoming popular with investors. This could be your best bet if you’re searching for a high-investment-return residential scheme.

Blue World City

It is currently an affordable residential expansion in the region and is becoming popular with investors. This could be your best bet if you’re searching for a high-investment-return residential scheme.


Blue Group of Companies is the developer and owner of Blue World City (BWC). Saad Nazir founded the Society.

Fitrus Real Estate Marketing Agency is happy to announce that Blue Group of Companies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with internationally-recognized China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company.

Blue World City and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company have formed a strong partnership through development and marketing teams.

History of Blue Group of Companies

In 1989, the company was established in Lahore, Blue Group of Companies initially offered design and construction services.

In the following years, the company gained its reputation as being professional and reliable by gaining the trust of customers and investors in the market.

Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Since its inception, the business has worked to be an all-in-one solution for services such as

  • Marketing
  •  Real estate development
  •  Architecture
  •  IT support
  •  commercial construction printing. 

Alongside these services, In addition, the company has expanded into retail. It operates some retail outlets and clothing brands.

Company framework

Blue Group of Companies owns and manages a variety of businesses. These include:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue 
  • Brands Square
  •  Art immix
  • Blue Technologies

Previous Projects of BGC:

Saad Nazir has already completed projects for housing and businesses like 

  • PIA Co-operative Society Center Park Lahore,
  •  Blue Town Sapphire,
  •  Blue Mart, as well as Blue Technologies.

 His most recent residential project, Blue World City Society Islamabad, is also state-of-the-art.

Initial Planning Permission

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) granted Blue World City Islamabad permission through Letter No. 532/10/DC Dated 07-08-2018. During this approval, 427 Kanals of land were given to the Society at the time.
After some time, a new application was filed by the Society. It was placed on the list of unprocessed processing societies maintained by RDA.

NOC December 2021 Update:

On 7 July, the District Council issued Letter No. 532/10/DC on Blue World City’s NoC (Resolution of Jurisdiction Conflicts among Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and District. After the signing of the 2021 Local Bodies Ordinance by Governor Punjab in the year 2021, every residential Society will require approval from the District Council.

Blue World City NOC

 Following this discussion, Blue World City received its approval in due time, resulting in higher prices for plots by the levels of approval for plans.

Blue World City’s NOC application is at the point of final approval. Owners are optimistic that the Housing Society’s NOC will likely be approved soon.


Blue World City Islamabad is located on Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange and is accessible via The M-2 Motorway Lahore-Islamabad. In addition, it’s one of the housing societies located near the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and the brand-new International Islamabad Airport.

Blue World City Location

Blue World City project offers its residents one of the most convenient accessibility locations for Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It offers them a peace, serenity, and luxury living experience unlike any other residential community in Pakistan offers. Blue World City’s site location is easily accessed and understood by anyone.


  • Blue World City offers easy access to its many areas.
  • Blue World City Rawalpindi can be reached via a variety of ways:
  • Right close to Chakri Road and Interchange
  • About 13-minute drive to Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, and Rawalpindi 
  • The drive distance between New Islamabad Airport Rd to Gandhara International Airport in Islamabad is approximately 31 minutes.
  • From Rawalpindi, it will take 32 minutes. 
  • To Islamabad, it will take 33 minutes. 
  • To Khanial Homes, it will take 33 minutes
  • The distance from Rawalpindi is around 48 minutes using N-5 National Highway and Grand Trunk Rd.
  • Defense Housing Authority in Islamabad is about 57 minutes. 
  • The Bahria Town is Rawalpindi requires 1 hour and 3 minutes to drive.
  • Rawat in Islamabad takes about 57 minutes of driving time.
  • Approximately 90 minutes driving time up to N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab
  • About 60 min drive from Saddar in Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 21-minute drive to Syed Abul A’la Maududi Ave Qurtaba City Rawalpindi Punjab
  • Approximately a 03-minute drive from Sihal Chountra Rd Pind Malhu Rawalpindi Punjab.
  • Sihal, Rawalpindi, and Punjab: About 5 minutes away 
  • Rawalpindi Race Club: 13 minutes 
  • Partial Hunting Club: 29 minutes

Close Places:

The  popular places in Society are:

  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City
  • Mumtaz City
  • University Town

Master Plan:

The master plan for Blue World City Islamabad was carefully developed using input from experts worldwide and nationally to reflect the current urban town design principles. This unique vision was implemented through different phases of development across the city.


The Moza from Blue World City, will be a village called “Moza.”


One of the most attractive features is the extensive road network connecting all the Society’s areas. Main Boulevard will be 120ft wide. Main roads with a width of over 80ft will be widened, as well as all streets 40 feet.

Blue Mosque Replica:

Blue World City intends to replicate Turkey’s famous Blue Mosque within its plans to create a unique attraction for those visiting BWC. The developers have said they will duplicate every feature and offer nearly identical facilities once the project is completed.

Blue Mosque Replica

Blue Mosque Replica in Blue World City could include:

* 5-Star Hotel

* Plush Finishing

* Lavish Amenities

* Lavish Restaurant

Blue World City Torch Hotel:

The Torch Hotel will be built in the “The Torch Doha” style. This iconic landmark has many amazing features, such as its 300 meters of height and panoramic 360-degree views. A feat of engineering that requires the skills of architects, engineers, planners, and architects. The structure is similar to the massive torch-lit during 2006’s Asian Games – brought to Pakistan by Blue World City.

Blue World City Torch Hotel

Blue World City’s Torch replica may include various options, like a five-star Hotel

* Exquisite Dining

* Panoramic 360deg views.

Blue World City Villagio Mall:

Blue World City will create an array of world-class tourist attractions, including a replica Villaggio Mall in Doha, Qatar. The mall is widely regarded to be among the top commercial and shopping locations in Doha and has nearly all world-renowned brands incorporated into its 50,000-square-meter visitor area which covers 18.3 million square miles.

Blue World City Villagio Mall

The Villaggio Mall to be constructed in BWC could include

  • Brands
  • Stores
  • Lavish Parking and Dining.
  • A play space for kids.

Burj Al Arab Blue World City:

One of the most famous hotels is Burj al Arab Jumeirah. It is a luxury hotel with many facilities in one place. The design is important for an open sail that spans the Arabian Gulf. It can only be called an experience, which many describe as unreal due to its luxurious features and expensive cost. But, soon, Blue World City will be making a close model of their housing community.

Burj Al Arab Blue World City

Blue World City’s model Burj al Arab Jumeirah may include:

  • Fine dining 5-Star Hotel
  • Luxurious Suites

Blue World City Cricket Stadium:

Blue World City has decided to build the biggest cricket stadium in the world that can accommodate more than 100,000 spectators and more than 15000 parking spots. Additionally, fans can access an area for commercial use in the stadium to provide additional security.

Blue World City Cricket Stadium

Blue World City’s Cricket Stadium could be able to include:

  • 55000 seats
  • 15000 parking spaces
  • Shops

Blue World City Water Theme Park:

A water-themed park at Blue World City Islamabad will have modern security and entertainment facilities. It is designed in union with Guangzhou Haisain Fun Technology & Co. Ltd and with an estimated surface of approximately 70,000 square meters.

Blue World City Water Theme Park

Blue World, The water theme of the City theme park, could offer

  • Twenty thrilling ride rides
  • Entertainment
  • Play area for adult’s space
  • Play area for children

The World’s Largest Horse Mascots:

The Blue World City Islamabad Horse Mascots will be the highest in the world, standing at the height of 125 feet. Their location on Central Road attracts visitors. Since they surround lush gardens and residential areas and offer beautiful views.

The World's Largest Horse Mascots

The project will comprise a number of options, 

Like an art museum, as well as food courts.

Blue World City Second Cup Coffee:

In Blue World City, Second Cup Coffee will give guests a memorable dining experience. Jim Ragas, President and CEO of Second Cup Coffee Company, visited the location and officially launched the cafe with numerous senior executives from BWC. The Canadian-based company has displayed faith in the project by opening its branch in the area.

Blue World City Second Cup Coffee

Blue World City Forces School System:

The Nationwide Forces School System is an innovative educational program developed to offer the highest quality education to the children inside Blue World City.

Blue World City Forces School System

File Verification Process

Fitrus Real Estate Marketing Agency gives important information regarding the best way to confirm plot file information in Blue World City. Our careful verification procedures will allow you to easily confirm your registration on commercial or residential plots.

Local Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis can use these techniques to verify their files. Fitrus Real Estate Marketing Agency only certifies legitimate files from us, not other sources. So, be accountable and only acquire Blue World City files through Fitrus Real Estate Marketing Agency!

Fitrus Marketing and Blue World City offer different methods of verification of files, including

  1. Contact Fitrus Marketing to confirm the validity of the file
  2. Contact Blue World City’s management to request additional details
  3. To confirm the authenticity of a Blue World City file online, visit their site.

Advantages of Blue World City File Verification:

Property investment is a lifelong chance and choice for anyone. This is why you must review all verification procedures and understand the importance of these processes. Many benefits can be derived from making use of Blue World City Registration procedures,

 For example, 

  1. Protection from frauds
  2. Protection from scams in the financial sector
  3. Protection from financial loss 
  4. Beware of falling for fraudsters

Blue World City Project Details:

The city is made up of various blocks like the * Blue World City Orbital Apartments

Blue World City Orbital Apartments

* Blue World City Country Farms

* Blue World City Awami Complex

* Blue World City Overseas Block

* Blue World City Waterfront Block

* General Block 

* Sports Valley Block

* Hollywood Block

Below is the complete project detail with every aspect highlighted:

Blue World City Overseas Block:

The Society offers an amazing overseas block that is the heart of their impressive housing development.

This Block in the overseas zone is designed for Pakistanis living abroad, accustomed to lavish amenities. A limited number of commercial and residential spaces are offered on a first-come, first-come basis within this exclusive neighborhood.

Pakistani citizens living abroad can make investments to invest in Pakistan at a very affordable price.

Location of Overseas Block:

Overseas Block has direct access to it via Chakri Road and will have its gate at The Main Gate of the Society. Additionally, Rawalpindi Ring Road will connect Blue World City Islamabad to Motorway M-2 and Islamabad City within two years, providing the residents with a direct connection between the two regions.

Overseas Block was established with the sole purpose in mind – to satisfy the requirements of Pakistanis from overseas who want to make investments in their country. 

Blue World City Waterfront Block:

The newly-built Blue World City Waterfront Block is situated right on the waterfront within the Society, next to Overseas Block. The residents here can delight in its calm with relaxing waterfront views.

It is situated between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. You can easily travel to work or work in a matter of minutes. Commercial and residential amenities are readily available within the community to ensure everyone can travel easily to fulfill their needs. Additionally, the most modern healthcare facilities can be found within the community.

Blue World City Executive Block:

Blue World City has introduced its new Block, the Blue World City Executive Block, a stunning upgrade to its already fascinating living community. It is located in a prime location open through various routes. The executive Block is situated near the twin cities of Islamabad in Pakistan and Rawalpindi.

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block:

The Overseas Executive Block is an exciting new addition to Blue World City’s master plan. The booking of this residential plot is already underway and offers plots that range in size starting at seven Marla (175 Sq. Yards) up to 175.

Orbital Apartments:

Orbital Apartments in Blue City offer the most luxurious living experience for those who enjoy stunning views throughout the day. There’s not a better apartment choice in Pakistan that can match this!

Orbital flats are luxurious yet affordable living spaces with top-of-the-line infrastructure development. The idea of orbital apartments is to offer large yet affordable residential homes.

Orbital apartment buildings offer many facilities like big spaces, lifts with a dedicated area, themed interiors, world-class services, and 24-hour maintenance – and much more!

* Interiors with themes

* Premium services

The Hall has indoor pools

* Gyms Spa

* 24 hours daily, top-quality maintenance and services, 

* Continuous utilities.

Blue Hills Country Farms:

Being among a hectic daily routine can be stressful. To get away from this stress, people often dream of moving to a serene place where they can experience the beauty of nature. while enjoying the luxury of Blue Hills Country Farms can provide exactly that.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Whatever your job or work, stress can harm your physical and mental health. This is why Blue Hills Country Farms is the ideal place to escape to for those who want reconnect with the natural world. These farms are a calm haven away from the hustle and bustle.

Location of Blue Hills Farm Houses:

Blue Hills Farm Houses are located in a serene and beautiful area of Society, with a tranquil stream of water flowing around and stunning natural beauty all around. The calm of the area makes it an idyllic escape from urban life. It’s the perfect spot to relax and find peace away from everything.

Blue World City Awami Complex:

Awami Residential Complex is the latest development of Blue World City. This residential project features duplex and independent units equipped with everything needed to live a lavish life with wonderful views of Society. Each apartment is designed using sustainable construction methods, luxury amenities, and a tranquil mind to ensure the ultimate luxury and comfort.

Blue World City Awami Complex

With the population’s needs at the forefront, Awami Residential Complex was developed to satisfy the growing need for affordable housing. This complex comprises single-duplex homes that have low-cost construction techniques without sacrificing quality. This makes BWC Awami Complex the peak of affordable housing construction.

Location of Awami Residential Complex:

The Awami Residential Complex is close to Blue World City with direct access to Chakri Road – one of the most sought-after areas in Islamabad near the International Airport.

Awami Residential Complex

Blue Group Companies will craft this development to the highest standards and feature amazing common spaces and services at the top of this iconic building.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

The most recent expansion to the master plan for Blue World City is Sports Valley Block. The Block’s opening is an exciting time for sports fans because it will boost tourism to sports in Pakistan by introducing Pakistan’s biggest cricket field with a seating of 55,000 people and plenty of parking space for 15,000 vehicles.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block

25 parks for recreational use will be created as well as courts for badminton, volleyball futsal, tennis, and basketball. The park will also have open-air gyms, bowling alleys, cycling tracks, and trails for hiking. The other structures being built are

  • Villaggio Mall 
  • Torch Hotel 
  • and Blue Mosque (a Copy of Blue Mosque in Turkey)

Sports Valley Block Residential Plots:

This Block offers commercial and residential plots in a variety of dimensions at affordable prices.

Sports Valley Block Residential Commercial Plots:

Sports Valley Block offers commercial plots with these dimensions

  • 5 Marla 
  • *8 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal

Sports Valley Block Commercial Plots:

The complex offers commercial plots in 5 Marla, 8 Marla, *10 Marla, and * 8 Super Commercial Kanal Plots.

Blue World City recently unveiled Shoaib Akhtar Enclave within the Sports Valley Block. This Enclave offers unique villas with various sizes: *6 Marla 8 Marla * 1/4 Kanal *1 Kanal Two Kanals.

Blue World City Hollywood Block:

Hollywood Block is one of the most luxurious and modern blocks in Blue World City, close to Trafalgar Square. It can be reached via Gate 1 or Gate 2 of the housing society. Its striking features include the following:

Blue World City Hollywood Block

 The Grand Mosque 

* Gated Community

* Hollywood Insignia 

* Multiplex Cinema

 * Thinker’s Club

* Exclusive Clubhouse

* Spacious Green Areas

* Commercial Piazzas

* 24/7 Security & Surveillance

Hollywood Block Residential Plots

There are residential plots available for the sizes listed below. The following sizes are available: * 10 Marla

* 1 Kanal

* 2 Kanals

* 4 Kanals

Blue World City General Block:

General Block at Blue World City offers the possibility of a four-year payment plan that includes 5 8-10 Marla 1 and 2 Kanal lavish plots. This contemporary-style Block offers an elegant lifestyle at a reasonable price .

5 Marla

The company’s management has offered 5 Marla in exchange for 14 Lacs and 90 Million Rupees with a minimum 10 percent down payment of just 1 Lac and 49 thousand Rupees. 40 monthly installments will cost you 14 thousand and 990 Rupees, and 8 half-yearly installments would cost 93 Thousand or 125.

Blue World City 5,8,10 Marla Payment Plan

8 Marla

The company offers the 8 Marla package for just 19 Lacs with only 10% down for 1 lac 500 and 91 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments are just 19000 and 150 rupees, and eight half-yearly installments cost only 1 lac 99,000 and 688 rupees per.

10 Marlas

At a cost of just 22 lacs or 90,000, the administration will offer 10 Marlas at only 2 lacs and 29000 with a 10% down payment of 2 lacs and 29 thousand rupees. The 40 monthly installments will cost 20 thousand and 900, and 8 half-yearly installments of 1 lac 43 thousand, 1 lac, and 125 rupees can be paid.

1 Kanal

The management has offered one Kanal for 42 lacs and 90 Thousand, with a 10% down of 4 lacs and 29 thousand rupees. The 40 monthly installments will be 900 and 42 000 rupees, and 8 half-yearly installments will be 2 lacs or 68 Thousand and 125 Rupees per month.

2 Kanals

The management has offered 2 Kanals at 83 Lacs with a minimum 10 percent down payment of eight Lacs and 30000. Four monthly installments will cost 83,000, and eight half-yearly installments in the amount of five lacs 18000 and 750 rupees are due over eight half years.

5 Marla commercial plots

For just 90,000, management offers five Marla commercial plots for 10% down in the amount of $9 lacs. 40 monthly installments will cost you 90 thousand, and 8 half-yearly installments of 5 lacs 500, 62 thousand, and 62 thousand rupees will be charged as fees.

Blue World City 1,2 Kanal & 5 Marla Commercial Payment Plan

Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan:

Executive Block offers an easy payment plan. Additionally, it offers an option of a four-year installment plan for those who cannot pay the whole lump sum in one go.

 The plots within Executive Block vary in size from 5 to 20 Marla, with reservations starting with only 10% down required.

  • Executive Block offers 5 Marla plots for PKR 775k with only 10% down.
  • Executive Block Executive Block also has 10 Marla plots available for PKR 1,675,000, with only 10% down.
  • In addition, the Executive Block offers 20 Marla plots starting at PKR 3,150,000 and only 10% down!

Payment plan is as follows: 

Blue World City Executive Block

Blue World City: A Pak-China-Friendly City

The housing project has signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, an acclaimed investment and development firm from China, to develop and invest in this mega housing development and to ensure it is successful in China-Pak relations.

Let’s examine why this housing association is crucial in strengthening the relations between Pakistan and China, as it has become the first friendly city for China-Pak.


The housing society is being developed by utilizing Chinese technologies and skills with help from experts from Pakistan, ensuring that the standards of development and maintenance align with the international standards of living.


Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and Blue Group have invested in this great housing scheme. It is a joint venture between companies and countries, making it a Pak-China-friendly project.

Nearness of the CPEC Route:

The place that is part of the CPEC Route is close to Blue World City Islamabad, a joint venture of Pakistan and China to improve trade between them.

Chinese Architecture 

To improve the infrastructure of Society, Chinese techniques and construction techniques will be utilized. Modern Chinese cities will influence the master plan for architecture and Society.

Chinese Residents:

Because of the CPEC project, Pakistan will see an increase in Chinese nationals in the coming years. A housing project designed by Chinese employees is anticipated to accommodate more than 10,000 people for construction and development work.

Chinese residents of the Society can buy a block specially designed under ownership conditions.


Blue World City is an excellent housing association providing low-cost prices and top-of-the-line facilities. However, demand is increasing rapidly, and only a few plots are left, so you must reserve your plot today with the online booking system.