5 best designs of houses in pakistan

Do you know The architectural design of houses in pakistan has steadily evolved? The change in house design in pakistan has been seen in the philosophy behind the construction of these areas, the materials used, the process of construction, architectural characteristics, and the design features. For instance, in Punjab, houses with multiple floors with courtyards and open verandas are commonplace. 

However, houses in Pakistan’s northern region tend to be tiny single-story structures with few spaces for open spaces. In the past few years, the contemporary design of homes in pakistan has brought international modern architectural styles to the region. These include white-stoned Spanish architecture, minimalist spaces, various grey industrial building designs, abstract French styles, etc. The change is ongoing.

best designs of houses in Pakistan

Knowing Pakistan’s most famous architectural styles is crucial if you’re looking to build your own home. To assist you in choosing an architectural style that has features that meet your personal needs, here’s a listing of the most popular home design in pakistan.

A popular design of Houses in pakistan

French Architecture

French architecture is a famous Pakistani home design that has been gaining popularity. This style of architecture includes two significant designs, i.e., 

  • costly estates like chateaus 
  •  small farmhouse designs.
French Architecture

French architecture is recognised for its neutral colours, natural finishes, as well as the use of natural-inspired ornamentation. The French houses consist of large rectangular windows on every flooring that are correctly aligned with one another, allowing for natural ventilation and letting in sunlight more efficiently.

A few of the most prominent elements of these houses are the hipped roofs, beautiful floors made of stone and wood and outdoor courtyards. These design elements keep the homes more relaxed in the summer and warm during winter. 

Minimalistic Architecture

Minimalistic architecture is the best designer house in pakistan, focusing on simplicity. 

  • Simple structural layout,
  •  minimal ornamentation, 
  • simple angles 
  • geometrical layouts define the style most effectively
Minimalistic Architecture

In recent times minimalism has become the most sought-after house style in Pakistan. The people here are more inclined to live in serene spaces, reflecting the idea of clutter-free living and creating a relaxing and calming environment where people can take a break.

 With its clean, straight lines and a heightened emphasis on the simplicity of a minimalist Pakistani house, the design meets the needs, i.e., an open and organised space to live in.

Spanish design of houses in pakistan 

Another popular trend while looking at the beautiful house in pakistan is Spanish architecture. This style is widely used in Pakistan because it provides an elegant modern house with high-quality functionality and minimal decoration.

Spanish design of houses

Spanish house designs’ most important architectural features include using curves and arches. The thick white walls are an essential feature that is a part of Spanish architecture. 

When describing Spanish architecture, one can’t overlook their beautiful red roofs. They are low-pitched roofs comprised of clay tiles that make the house more comfortable and add to the beauty of the house too. If you’re seeking an elegant design that has an appealing appearance, Spanish architecture is the right choice for you.

Modern Architecture

It is a design that witnessed global hype in the post-industrialization era when the drift of incorporating machinery into the construction process was at its peak. In the last couple of years, modern architecture has been recognized to be one of the most popular trends in Pakistani home design.

Modern Architecture

The modern design of houses in Pakistan is distinguished by its usage of sharp lines to create a sleek exterior style, broad roof overhangs for more shade in summer and heavy use of glass with large frames for windows as well as glass walls, glass roof exterior walls, large wooden gates, a changing style of front elevations, etc.

Contemporary Architecture

Modern architecture is the best  front house design in pakistan, incorporating a broad selection of styles. It blends historical elements with modern lifestyle concepts creating houses that are comfortable, beautiful, appealing, and integrated into the natural world. 

Pakistani homes built around modern design tend to have

  • spacious floor plans,
  •  minimal doors 
  • walls that restrict the flow of space
  • large glass windows
  • moving exterior walls, 
  • lush roofs,
  • a patio that connects to the lounge and elaborate models of verandas and porches. 
Contemporary Architecture

These options allow for natural ventilation and more sunlight to enter, making the house warm and bright.


There are numerous design of houses in pakistan used to construct homes. Each style has essential structural and aesthetic advantages that match the needs of a geographical country such as Pakistan. If you’re looking to build your own home, check out these popular Pakistani home styles to choose which one aligns with your design style.

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